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Technology, naturalness, efficiency

Artificial intelligence at the service of your skin

Your skin changes with your mood, with the seasons. By understanding the condition your skin you are better able to provide it with the optimal active ingredients.

SkanMySkin analyses your skin by examining 7 different criteria: wrinkles, sensitivity, roughness, pimples, spots, shine and radiance..

Age dependent, our made to measure cream delivers a formula composed of exactly the ingredients you need.

Your Made to Measure Formula

SkanMySkin delivers a personalised routine tailored to the needs of your skin

It consists of:

There are 6 different base choices available :
Caviar & Hyaluronic Acid
Stem Cells & Multiprotection
Honey & Shea
Arnica & Niacinamide
Selenium & Vitamin C
Aloe Vera Balm

To your base we add 3 active ingredients chosen based on the readings from your analysis. Each these actives are added in at the most efficacious amounts.

With our selection of active ingredients and cream bases we are able to offer over 40,000 different combination formulas. Your made to measure cream is individually produced with one of our in house pharmaceutical experts.

For every cream offered we provide our essential mist and a choice of either our hyaluronic acid or collagen serum


95% natural ingredients

0 controversial ingredients

No carton packaging

Airless bottle



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Joanna’s Story

ABBI is the stoABBI was built on a passion to empower people to make the choices that are right for them, not what’s best for the brand or industryry of conviction mixed with passion.

As a trained scientist and a woman, I wanted to bring a skincare system to the market that allowed ‘made to measure’ products to finally become accessible and one which allowed people to embrace the reality of what their skin is actually like.

I wanted to provide made to measure products without compromising on efficacy and ingredients. We guarantee that for every active ingredient we are offering the maximum recommended percentage so you get the best results, our range of textures allows the user to enjoy using our products whilst knowing the product is really working for them.

ABBI is here to enhance your authenticity, well-being, beauty and individuality.

We’ve said goodbye to excessive marketing because for us, our community and their experiences with our products are better than anything we could curate and take to a photoshoot.

Our SkanMySkin technology places the power in your hands to understand your skin better and provide precise treatment when you need it.

We have an open door policy so we want to hear from our community on new formulations they are keen to get their hands on or interesting active ingredients.

Our team and our products are here for you.

You are all unique and so should your skincare be.


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