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Slide Take my selfie Made to measure skincare,
handmade in France
Take my selfie Made to measure skincare,
handmade in France
Slide Take my selfie Let us guide
your routine
Take my selfie Let us guide
your routine

95% natural ingredients

0 controversial ingredients


Made to measure


Just one selfie and obtain your skin diagnosis and made to measure cream, built just for you in our laboratory

Composed of one base with 3 active ingredients included at the highest concentration for maximum efficiency alongside this sits your serum and essential mist

Over 40,000

Thats the number of combinations possible with our made to measure creams,
this means we can create a cream that really represents you!

DIY Routine

Your made to measure routine created and built
to suit the needs of your skin

A skin diagnosis comparable to 97% of dermatological tests. Made to measure cosmetics, built for you, in France.

ABBI, a unique experience


Stem cell and multi protection base

Active No 4

Active No 5
Skin texture

Active No 22


Honey and shea butter base

Active No 15

Active No 24

Active No 7
Radiance and complexion

Natural and

eco-responsible products

Formulated with over 95% natural ingredients, our products contain no harmful ingredients and are delivered to you with the minimum amount of packaging to protect your skin and our planet.

Made in


Every one of our products are made in our laboratories in the Rhone Alpes region of France. Our laboratory staff take however long necessary to prepare your cream and products.

Patented technology

Free skin diagnosis

Our SkanMySkin technology is at your service to help develop your personalised cream formulated for the needs of your skin.

£1 donated to


For every cream sold ABBI donates £1 to CEW beauty centres which offer individual beauty treatments to hospitalised patients.

Take a look at our laboratory

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